• Gaming Freak GF-CHANTERSTD Chanter Studio All in One Professional USB Microphone

    Great for streaming, podcasting, voice-overs and acoustic music. Chanter Studio is a professional USB studio microphone with adjustable arm and high precision cardioid recording pattern; for streaming, podcasting, voice-overs and acoustic music.


    • Digital USB connection; instantly works on any PC and laptop.
    • Warm, rich and clear audio production; for capturing vocals as well as acoustic instruments.
    • Perfect for podcasts, vlogs, voice-overs, music recording or streaming on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook.
    • Cardioid recording pattern for high precision recording and clear sound without background noise.
    • Adjustable, desk mounting clamp to place the microphone in the most convenient position.
    • Including high-end shock mount, large double-screen pop filter and tripod stand.
    MVR 3,000.00 Inc GST
  • Gaming Freak GF-CHANTERX Chanter X USB Microphone

    Introducing  Gaming Freak Chanter X, a condenser microphone capable of capturing 4 polar patterns without compromising audio quality. Whether you are gaming, recording music, having a conversation or a podcast, the Chanter X can do it all. The power is in a touch of a button.


    • Volume knob and audio passthrough.
    • Four polar patterns: cardioid/bi-directional/stereo/omni-directional.
      Choose any pattern for the best recording performance in various environments.
    • 16-bit / 48 khz recording: enjoy the loud and clear voice with 16-bit / 48 khz digital recording through your chanter x.
    • Spider stand included with tilt adjustment.
    • Full metal build and premium build quality.
    • Plug n play ambient lighting (white/blue/green/purple/yellow)
    MVR 3,650.00 Inc GST
  • Gaming Freak GF-CHTSTD-PRO Chanter Studio Pro USB Microphone

    Professional USB studio microphone with high precision cardioid recording pattern; for streaming, podcasting, voice-overs and acoustic music.

    A big brother of Chanter Studio, the Chanter Studio Pro is pack with cardioid pattern that is most sensitive on the front and less on the rear which makes it suitable for streamers, gamers and casters. The Chanter Studio Pro has a crisp and bold audio quality.

    The Studio Pro are fully pack with the shock mount, tilt adjustments, metal base, pop filter and a foam filter. Also it comes with a Chanter Studio Pro case for easy portability.

    Be amaze.

    MVR 3,875.00 Inc GST
  • Gaming Freak GH7-GEO PC Gaming Headset

    The GH7-GEO is designed for someone that’s looking for mid-range performance at an affordable price. It is equipped with 40mm drivers that deliver solid mid and low range and clear highs. It also fitted with comfortable ear pads with minimum clamping force and also fitted with a soft passive headband that will keep you comfortable in a long gaming session. Be the best in games with the GH7-GEO PC Gaming Headset.


    • EXTRA BASS – 40mm Driver Diameter provide Extra Bass & Top High-Quality Sound.
    • LARGE EARMUFFS – Large Earmuffs provide Unlimited Surround Sound Feeling & Comfort.
    • ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND with ELASTIC DOUBLE BEAM – Improve Wearing Comfort without Oppressive Feeling.
    • BREATHING LED EFFECT – Unique luminous design to build up the gaming atmosphere.
    • 3.5mm Audio Jack Y Cable Included.
    • Volume Controller. Scroll Up/Down to Adjust.
    • Long Connector Cable, High Strength & Durable.
    • Trendy Design.
    • Cool Short Extended Microphone Design.
    MVR 355.00 Inc GST

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