• Vinnfier FlipGear WM1000U Professional Wireless Microphones

    • Oscillation mode DSP chip frequency locking
    • frequency stable 10pm
    • RF efficiency 10 dBm
    • FG 40-18000Hz
    • distortion <0.59
    • battery specification 1.SVIAA Size battery
    • dedicated time 4-8Hours (specification1 : frequency norm 676-679MHz,depending on battery type and capacity.
    • Frequency :676-697MHz
    • the number of channels is 10 (each conservative value is timed by ID lattice, in the manufacturer’s frequency
    • Oscillation mode DSP chip frequency fixed
    • rate stability + 10 ppm
    • bonding instruction -95-71dBm
    • Frequency 40-1800Hz2
    • distortion <0.59
    • signal ratio 390dB
    • high frequency output 300m/r (maximum)
    MVR 1,050.00 Inc GST
  • Lavalier Mini Clip Microphone 3.5mm

    • 3.5mm jack, suitable for iPhone 5/6/6s , iPad, some Android devices.
    • Highly sensitive, high dynamic and wide frequency response.
    • Foam windscreen can effectively reduce environmental noise.
    • Portable and exquisite, cable length 150cm.
    • A 360 degree rotary clip for you to clip it to collar, tie or pocket easily.
    • Hand-free, can be used for chatting, video meeting, song recording & etc.
    MVR 165.00 Inc GST
  • XTUGA A1 UHF Single Wireless Microphone with Portable Bodypack Transmitter

    • CLEAR SOUND QUALITY: High quality sound transmission, clear voice and without feedback, free from distortion. This lavalier wireless microphone is designed for vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement.
    • EASY SET UP: Plug and play, easy to use. Both the transmitter and receiver are powered by rechargeable batteries. Plug the headset microphone or the lapel microphone into the microphone socket of the bodypack transmitter, turn on the mini receiver and the bodypack transmitter, you are ready to go. The lapel mic or the headset mic allows for hands free, you can hold the presentation materials with your hands. Mic volume can be changed from the transmitter at ease.
    • SELECTABLE FREQUENCIES: The system has 25 selectable UHF frequencies, less prone to electric appliance interference and offers stable signal transmission. Operating range can be up to 160 feet line of sight. Each wireless microphone unit has been set a unique ID code that allows the multiple use of wireless microphone at the same time without worrying about cross connecting issue.
    • FULL COMPATIBILITY: This portable receiver with wireless headset / lavalier microphone system has 6.35mm (1/4″) output, you can connect it to any of your sound system like PA, mixers, speakers, amplifiers and karaoke machines with 6.35mm (1/4″) mic input (not line in or aux in). It also supports audio recording from iPhone/Android smart phones, tablets and laptops using the appropriate adapters.
    • MULTI-USE APPLICATIONS: Ideal for live performances like church, weddings, presentations, school plays, training, public speakings, interviews or audio recording.
    MVR 1,015.00 Inc GST
  • Vinnfier WM2000U Professional Headset Wireless Microphone

    Find out the sound quality effect you like, and the install the core into the wireless microphone circuit with the chip, The wireless mic sound quality effect can be almost the same as the effect of the wired microphone so the tone of the sound has become a reference, to the standard of a wired microphone, you can easily select the core to select the core to select the sound quality.

    MVR 965.00 Inc GST
  • Vinnfier FlipGear WM3000U Wireless Conference Microphone

    Professional Universal UHF Wireless Conference WM3000U With Rechargeable Battery.

    MVR 1,685.00 Inc GST
  • Docooler U3 USB Omni directional Condenser Microphone

    • High-Sensitivity Microphone-A condenser microphone can catch the slightest signal and reproduce your voice vividly just like talking face to face.
    • Plug and Play-USB free driver, plug and play, the microphone can pick up sound from 360 degrees Omni directions.
    • Sound Pickup Distance-Up to 3.0 meters/ 9.8 foot sound pick-up distance, effective transmission. No need to get too close to your microphone.
    • Metal Material-Adopting Zinc Alloy and Metal Mesh Cover, it’s durable and environmental-friendly. Metal protective net is not easy to fade.
    • Wide Compatibility-It’s perfectly suitable for PC online meetings, business conferences, video chatting, gaming, live broadcast and etc.
    MVR 975.00 Inc GST
  • Condenser Microphone USB Wired

    • Designed with an independent switch, the microphone can be turned on / off freely with one touch.
    • Plug and play, no external power required.
    MVR 665.00 Inc GST

    Condenser Microphone USB Wired

    MVR 665.00 Inc GST
  • Lavalier ZNT MIC01 3.5mm Microphone with Single Earphone

    • High-density anti-spray sponge makes the sound clearer
    • With Single Earphone, it can hear the sound while speaking, which is very convenient
    • Clip-on design, easy to clip it to your shirt, collar or placed in small pockets
    • For karaoke, Video Recording, Live broadcast, Vlogging,ect
    • Compatible with 3.5mm interface mobile phones and laptops
    • Length: 1.5m
    MVR 305.00 Inc GST
  • Condenser Microphone SF-666 with Tripod Stand

    • Special design for chatting over QQ, MSN, SKYPE and singing over internet.
    • 3.5 mm stereo plug fit for all kinds of PC
    • Noise cancellation.
    • High quality mic, prefect voice recorder.
    • High-performance microphone accurately reproduces sound.
    • Plug in, and start recording–no extra gear needed!
    MVR 460.00 Inc GST
  • Lavalier GL-121 Type-C Microphone

    • USB Type-c port, suitable for latest gadgets
    • Omni-directional condenser microphone
    • Very sensitive, high dynamic and wide frequency response
    • The foam windscreen can effectively produce environmental noise
    • Portable and exotic cable length 150 cm
    • A 360-degree rotary clamp for easy clip on to the collar tie or pocket
    • Hands-free, can be used for chat, video meeting, song recording, etc
    MVR 255.00 Inc GST
  • NXZ Omnidirectional 3.5mm Wired Microphone

    • Flexible neck for angle positioning and convenient using.
    • Plug and play.
    • Superior clarity for voice.
    • The microphone can adjust degree in horizontal direction.
    • An on/off switch on the stand.
    MVR 665.00 Inc GST
  • Gaming Freak GF-CHANTERSTD Chanter Studio All in One Professional USB Microphone

    Great for streaming, podcasting, voice-overs and acoustic music. Chanter Studio is a professional USB studio microphone with adjustable arm and high precision cardioid recording pattern; for streaming, podcasting, voice-overs and acoustic music.


    • Digital USB connection; instantly works on any PC and laptop.
    • Warm, rich and clear audio production; for capturing vocals as well as acoustic instruments.
    • Perfect for podcasts, vlogs, voice-overs, music recording or streaming on Youtube, Twitch and Facebook.
    • Cardioid recording pattern for high precision recording and clear sound without background noise.
    • Adjustable, desk mounting clamp to place the microphone in the most convenient position.
    • Including high-end shock mount, large double-screen pop filter and tripod stand.
    MVR 3,000.00 Inc GST
  • Gaming Freak GF-CHANTERX Chanter X USB Microphone

    Introducing  Gaming Freak Chanter X, a condenser microphone capable of capturing 4 polar patterns without compromising audio quality. Whether you are gaming, recording music, having a conversation or a podcast, the Chanter X can do it all. The power is in a touch of a button.


    • Volume knob and audio passthrough.
    • Four polar patterns: cardioid/bi-directional/stereo/omni-directional.
      Choose any pattern for the best recording performance in various environments.
    • 16-bit / 48 khz recording: enjoy the loud and clear voice with 16-bit / 48 khz digital recording through your chanter x.
    • Spider stand included with tilt adjustment.
    • Full metal build and premium build quality.
    • Plug n play ambient lighting (white/blue/green/purple/yellow)
    MVR 3,650.00 Inc GST
  • Gaming Freak GF-CHTSTD-PRO Chanter Studio Pro USB Microphone

    Professional USB studio microphone with high precision cardioid recording pattern; for streaming, podcasting, voice-overs and acoustic music.

    A big brother of Chanter Studio, the Chanter Studio Pro is pack with cardioid pattern that is most sensitive on the front and less on the rear which makes it suitable for streamers, gamers and casters. The Chanter Studio Pro has a crisp and bold audio quality.

    The Studio Pro are fully pack with the shock mount, tilt adjustments, metal base, pop filter and a foam filter. Also it comes with a Chanter Studio Pro case for easy portability.

    Be amaze.

    MVR 3,875.00 Inc GST
  • VOIP Conference Station for PC

    • No External power required, Compatible with USB 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0, USB Drive free Connection, Omni-Direction and support PnP USB. Built-in Ring and Sound Card.
    • Support: Skype, Wechat, UUcall, Yahoo, Sip Discount, X-Liute, Eyebeam, X-pro, Sipgate, Vonage, UBIFONE, Imtel, Voip Buster, Voip Discount, Voipcheap, VOIP Stunt, SparVOIP, INTERNETCALLS, NetAppel, YpoivyY, FreeCall, Webcall, VOIP RAIDER, VoipWise, Onet2phone
    • Built-in Echo tone to eliminate chip, can be a music player. Work for laptop as a portable design.
    MVR 1,275.00 Inc GST

    VOIP Conference Station for PC

    MVR 1,275.00 Inc GST
  • Portable Microphone with Clip

    • Highly sensitive, high dynamic and wide frequency response.
    • Foam windscreen can effectively reduce environmental noise.
    • A 360 degree rotary clip for you to clip it to collar, tie or pocket easily.
    • Hands-free, can be used for chatting, video meeting, song recording etc
    MVR 150.00 Inc GST

    Portable Microphone with Clip

    MVR 150.00 Inc GST

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